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Exit Ramp
10 December 2010

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Sioux Farm Bin
24 August 2009

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Ford Pickup
3 August 2009

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Horse & Fence
25 May 2009

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Bob Simons
20 April 2009

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Main Street - Archie, MO
13 December 2008

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JCCC Chair
7 November 2008

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Cam Sitting
26 September 2008

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Bird Cage
22 September 2008

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Mildred's Coffee Shop
22 July 2008

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Tree Shadow
20 July 2008

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Harding Glass
4 July 2008

Recent Comments

L'angevine on Roll Up 1
génial ce roll up

L'angevine on 6223

Jean-Luc.M on 6223
Superb B&W and composition. I l'île it.

L'angevine on Toy Barn
oh génial la cabane du chien

L'angevine on 9455 Metcalf
bien ce cadrage

L'angevine on Ice Machine
bien la vente est bien fondue aussi

L'angevine on Mahaffie
bien à ce mur végété

Phil David Morris on Mahaffie
Superb lighting on that wall, beautiful !~

L'angevine on Westwood Dome

L'Angevine on Flower Pots
bien ces pots vides

L'Angevine on KCMO Roadblock

L'Angevine on Yarbrough's Family Restaurant

L'Angevine on Strip Mall Lease

L'Angevine on Panera Parking
bien ce cubisme

L'Angevine on Old Mural
bien caché

L'Angevine on Gun Store Sign
oh à éviter

L'Angevine on Lake Lotawana Association

L'Angevine on Superior
bien supérieur

L'Angevine on Car Wash Brooms

L'Angevine on Town Topic Far

L'Angevine on Effertz Farms

omid on Scooter Store
very nice shot, with excellent frame! such beautiful lighting & shadows! A M A Z I N G !

Monik on Scooter Store
J'adore la composition et le jeu des ombres tentaculaires!

L'Angevine on Innercity Body Shop 2
belle prise

Harry on Innercity Body Shop 2
Well done.

L'Angevine on 8600 Farley

L'Angevine on Pet Food Store
ah réservé

L'Angevine on Gun Store

martine Libouton on Gun Store
Superbe cette composition et magnifique B&W 5*

L'Angevine on Truck Loading
génial ce cubisme

L'Angevine on Boat Roof
oh génial

L'Angevine on Conser Post Office

L'Angevine on Enterprise Far View

L'Angevine on Paxico Fire Station

L'Angevine on Johnson County Cemetery

L'Angevine on Wamego Barn
bien comme une montée légère

L'Angevine on Lattice

Rolero-T on Closed Theater

L'Angevine on Closed Theater
bien avec la ligne en bas

L'Angevine on Junction City Field

L'Angevine on Matt Ross Shortcut

Eric Mathis on Weston House 1
Does anyone happen to know the history of this old place. Me and a friend drove by it the other day on a whim and ...

L'Angevine on UCM Plant
bien en bas à droite

L'Angevine on Mission Office Conversion

L'Angevine on Tectonic

Bruce on Tectonic
I love your use of B&W to add the atmosphere to the scene.

Le Krop on Tectonic
Un petit quelque chose avec la mienne ce jour, non ? :-) (Something with mine this day, don't you think so? ... ...

L'Angevine on Highway Ramps

Tony on Highway Ramps
Excellent image....very graphic, I love the patterns,symmetry and contrast...Very well composed image that needs that ...

L'Angevine on The Late Show Bus
bien ce tag

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