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Exit Ramp
10 December 2010

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Sioux Farm Bin
24 August 2009

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Ford Pickup
3 August 2009

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Horse & Fence
25 May 2009

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Bob Simons
20 April 2009

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Main Street - Archie, MO
13 December 2008

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JCCC Chair
7 November 2008

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Cam Sitting
26 September 2008

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Bird Cage
22 September 2008

Thumbnail image

Mildred's Coffee Shop
22 July 2008

Thumbnail image

Tree Shadow
20 July 2008

Thumbnail image

Harding Glass 1
4 July 2008

Recent Comments

L'Angevine on Jamie Camera

L'Angevine on Geese

L'Angevine on Jamie Sneakers
oh excellente prise et effet

L'Angevine on Rio Meter
bien ces lignes

L'Angevine on Jacomo Path
bel effet

L'Angevine on Jacomo Creek 3
bel effet

L'Angevine on Jacomo Trees

Lewis on Cam Creek
Love the shadows of the trees where the boy is.

L'Angevine on Cam Creek
bel effet et superbe cette sorte de miniature

Daryl Johnson on Cam Creek
A great composition. Atmospheric shot.

omid on Cam Creek
such beautiful composition, lights & shadows! Amazing!

L'Angevine on Sun Porch Table
bel effet

L'Angevine on Jamie Car
bien cet effet et aussi le visage

L'Angevine on Golf Course
bel effet

L'Angevine on Bookshelves
bel effet pour une agréable lecture

Anne on Bookshelves
Nice ambiance.

Le Krop on Bookshelves

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on Cam Raft
Prêt pour la baignade.

L'Angevine on Porch Mirror
bel effet et superbe le cadrage orienté ainsi

Le Krop on Cam Raft
Congra(n)ts !

L'Angevine on Chaise
bel effet et agréable

dik on Cam Raft
These Holga ones look great! Congratulations.

Ruthiebear on Cam Raft
Congratulations on your SPOTLIGHT

L'Angevine on Ben Floating
une belle recherche et composition,passe une agréable journée

omid on Cam Raft
Lovely series! ... Congratulations! :)

k@ on Ben Floating
Oops, Triptych, in english - sorry ;)

k@ on Ben Floating
This triptyque is so moving, like old stills of our childhood !

David on Parked Pickup
Really beautiful & interesting photoblog! i just came back to aminus3 because of your pics Mr Grant! I missed them!

L'Angevine on Cam Raft
bel effet et superbe avec ce tapis comme s'il allait glisser

L'Angevine on Abby Swimming
bel effet

L'Angevine on Library Corner
bien ce graphisme

omid on Library Corner
such beautiful frame, lights, shadows & graphics!

L'Angevine on Library Wall
bien ce graphisme

L'Angevine on Library Exterior
bel effet

omid on Library Wall
such beautiful frame, lights & shadows! Amazing graphics!

L'Angevine on Library Hall
bel effet

L'Angevine on Library Shelves
bien cette bibilothèque

omid on Library Hall
such beautiful composition, lights & shadows!

L'Angevine on Library Skylight
bien ce graphisme et la lumière

L'Angevine on Library Ceiling
bien ce graphisme

L'Angevine on Display Stairs
bel effet et superbe graphisme

L'Angevine on KCMO Lofts
bel effet

L'Angevine on 335
bien par là

L'Angevine on 101
Bel effet

L'Angevine on Longview House & Street
bel effet

L'Angevine on Longview Front Door
bel effet et ça me fait penser aux écuries de trélazé car il y a aussi ce même lieu ...

L'Angevine on Longview Yard
bel effet

L'Angevine on Barred Windows
bel effet

L'Angevine on Fedex Truck

L'Angevine on Table Lamp
bel effet

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